Clients about me

»I, as the project manager always give your work an A+ because you are a true expert in this field (perhaps the only one in Slovenia), communicative and adaptable regarding the situation on the site as each one is specific.«

Stane Lasič,

»I think we cooperated well on the project. The acoustic measurements of finished building showed an excellent result, the investor was satisfied.«

Sabina Selan,

»We’ve been working with Saša Galonja for a number of years and in this time, we made truly a lot of projects among which nearly each one had special requirements regarding both building acoustics and room acoustics. Especially while co-designing the interior lining (and with it sound quality) we succeeded in creating auditorily favourably designed ambient.«

Robert Potokar,

»Cooperation with an expert such as Saša Galonja means an interdisciplinary approach to solving special acoustics and a starting point for solutions that we designers foresee. The project of the Podmežakla sport hall had to serve many different events/uses.  At some events the most important aspect was speech intelligibility, at others something else, that is why the understanding and knowledge of acoustics is of crucial importance. Saša was - after completion of the acoustical study – willing to cooperate during the execution phase when it was necessary to replace and approve certain elements that were crucial for adequate acoustics in the hall. Our project had wall acoustic panels that had to be made from scratch. With a very good contractor we created an atypical solution which is proof that solutions with a background of acoustical knowledge can be very simple.«

Protim Ržišnik Perc arhitekti in inženirji,

Cooperating with an architectural acoustician means co-creating space. Galonja is first and foremost an architect that understands and respects the concepts of designing a space. His technical solutions cooperate with the architecture and often also elevate it. It is important that an architect realises the need to invite him in early stages of the design as it is his belief that logical and meaningful design of spaces and structural objects can solve a myriad of acoustical challenges.

Matej Blenkuš,

»Saša hears and answers to loud and quiet acoustical architectural challenges. It is never only a square metre of acoustical lining or skewing a surface for reflection of sound, but it is a deeper understanding and finding design solutions that are important to the architects. Not only acoustical. We like working with him.«

Blaž Budja,

»Cooperation has always been useful and successful, and the investors have always been very satisfied.«

Arne Vehovar,