In my 25 years of experience in the field of architectural acoustics, a nice knowledge base and project have accumulated. I remember a visit, about 20 years ago, to a carpenter that has spent all weekend manually drilling holes in plywood from which we have made portable translation booth. I have read all of the Russian SNIP standards in Cyril, so I could design hospitals and sanatoria on both sides of Ural in the cities I will probably never visit. It is a privilege to help students of architecture with their graduation thesis. It has always been a special challenge to design for audiophiles, who are very sceptical clients, but when it is all said and done and they are listening to their favourite song and discovering new sound dimensions, it all pays off. Or another example: some extra layers on the floor of an apartment helped neighbours not to have to listen to a student practising her piano.

Neprecenljivi so komentarji mojega dela, kot npr.:

»Did they hire a German physicist to do the acoustics?«!

»I have never seen a frequency response so even!«

»I cannot believe that these panels have such an effect on the sound!” and the family must hate me when audiophile boast: »Since I have fixed the acoustics in the room, cannot wait to get home, just sit back on the sofa and listen to a record like it was the first time!«.«