Room Acoustics

Architecture and acoustics interweave in best possible way in the field of Room Acoustics. In these projects, already the search of the optimal shape and size of a room intertwine architectural ideas with acoustic potential and limits. Because acoustic elements on the floor, ceiling and walls usually aren’t simply invisible, but co-create the look and feel of rooms, the creation of these environments poses a challenge for both: an architect and acoustic.

Goal of the room acoustics is finding the optimal acoustic solution of the enclosed places where the sound matters. Therefore, we are part of the design team for concert halls, theatres, cinemas, multi-purpose rooms, and radio and television studios. No lecture room, school, kindergarten, hospital should be without acoustical treatment. You cannot get a Michelin culinary star if your dining rooms do not have well-done acoustics. A conference room where we can’t hear or understand each other doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.